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Wit Performs New Song From his Studio Album On Acoustic Night April 28, 2007.

Etna, CA, Friday, April 29, 2007, Wit (http://www.wit.us) Audiences got a taste of Wit’s studio album last night at the Avery Memorial Theatre Acoustic Night. Wit performed one of his songs from his upcoming studio album titled, “In My Head”. Wit was accompanied by guitarists Rick Perkins, Marl Bell, and Bill Corbett on bass.

“The song ' In My Head' addresses suicide”, said Wit. “ 'In My Head', portray the dialog that is constantly running though Billy’s head as he contemplates giving up on life. These words are a reflection of what was said to Billy as a kid by the adults around him. The impact is clear as he tries to come to terms with his self–worth.”

Wit introduced the song to the audience by saying; this is a song about Billy.

Billy along with Timmy (The President) are characters introduced in the song, “Kids” also from the studio album.

Wit opened with, "The Girl from Ipanema", written by Antonio Carlos Jobim-Vinícius de Moraes and ended with,"Message In The Bottle, (S. O. S.)", by The Police that had the audience singing along with him by the end of the tune.

Tickets were $5.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door and all proceeds of this benefit concert went to the Avery Memorial Theatre.

The Avery Theatre is located at:

430 Main St.
Etna, CA 96027

About Wit

Composer, singer-songwriter, author, actor, poet- Wit is an artist who incorporates his musical influences of rock, classical, and new age with a zen style of poetic lyrics.

Nicknamed, “The Observer”, one cannot box Wit into one category. Wit plays many instruments and styles, he enjoys singing rock the most. Wit’s vocal style ranges from overtone singing, classical, jazz, pop, and rock.

Wit is known for his song, "The President".

In addition to writing and performing rock, Wit is the author of, "Secrets to the Universe ". His thought-provoking (sometimes controversial) observations of the Universe, which he transfers into poetry, inspirational thought, and lyrics, inspire his fans to a newfound enjoyment for life as well as discovery. Wit is creating a new art (Zen Rock). With this synergy of disciplines that is thought provoking and complex he is leaving his imprint on American Music.

About the Avery Memorial Theatre

The Avery Memorial Theatre, constructed in 1957, was purchased by the City of Etna in 1985. At that time, conversion began to make this former movie theatre into a performing arts center to be used by local schools, drama, and music groups as well as by outside choirs, bands, speakers and educational groups. The Avery Memorial Theatre still needs funding to complete the conversions.

About the Scott Valley Theatre Company (SVTC)

The Scott Valley Theatre Company (SVTC) was formed in 1980. The Company took over custodianship of the Avery Memorial Theatre and is the driving force in converting it to a performing arts center by sponsoring fundraisers, producing plays, and promoting the arts to help finance the conversion.

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